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Much like the medical profession, healthcare design is not one area of expertise, but many. There are acute care hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, radiology facilities, acute and sub-acute psychiatric, and many others. Each requires different codes, programs, equipment and each has a very different patient base. A PHF or MHRC is a very different type of facility; unique in its use, program, size and code requirements from other healthcare facilities, as well as the larger psychiatric hospitals of the past. Pacific Design Group has the experience and the resulting knowledge pool to design a modern Psychiatric Healthcare Facility.

Site Selection
Pacific Design Group’s experience with this type and size of psychiatric facility enables us to quickly and effectively evaluate the appropriateness and physical feasibility of potential building sites. We have performed these services for counties in both Northern and Southern California.

Program, adjacencies and space sequencing within a PHF or MHRC are critical to the effective use of the facility by staff and the effective and safe treatment of the patients. PDG has extensive PHF and MHRC site selection and programming experience for both public and private entities throughout California.

Patient Safety
Patient safety is our number one goal.  Pacific Design Group will, through our experience, create spaces that are safe, yet secure for the facility’s clients.  Consideration must be given to everything from patient privacy and security to door and restroom hardware, to air conditioning grilles, outlets and finishes. Through our experience with this project type, we have resources for institutional grade door hardware, plumbing and lighting fixtures and finishes that still provide a warm, residential feel while at the same time meeting building code and licensing requirements for this type of facility.  

Code Analysis and Justification
Concurrently with programming and schematic design, we perform a complete, project specific building code analysis for a project that takes into consideration budget and site constraints.

The completed analysis serves several purposes: 

  1. Provides a clear understanding of construction options, resulting constraints and trade-offs so that educated, critical decisions can be made early in the process. 
  2. 2.Provides building and fire officials with a code based understanding of a project type that they rarely encounter. In sharing our experience with local jurisdictions, we are able to resolve and reach agreement in areas of the code that do not adequately cover this unique occupancy, thereby resolving issues early in the design process that could cause significant problems later. This early, interactive approach has served us and our clients well in the past.

Psychiatric Health Facility Design
Our staff’s experience with locked institutional occupancies and advanced knowledge of the current building codes means that there is less of a learning curve per project; enabling PDG to determine the best and most cost effective construction type and structural system for each project.
Contemporary psychiatric facility design is often based on a “Village Model” in which the plan progresses sequentially from very public open space to semi-public space to private space and allows for free movement of the patient and direct supervision by staff.


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