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(Regional Centers' Fairmont DDMHRC)

Pacific Design Group was retained to design a new 15-Bed Developmentally Disabled Mental Health Rehabilitation Center (DDMHRC) for the Regional Centers at the Fairmont Hospital Campus in San Leandro. The purpose of the project was to design an institutional grade, locked building with a residential feel, which would provide state-of-the-art in-patient psychiatric healthcare treatment for Regional Centers' patients.

The design was developed around the "Village" concept of psychiatric facility design in which the plan progresses sequentially from very public open space to semi-public space to private space and allows for free movement of the patient and direct supervision by staff. This has been accomplished by grouping pods of rooms into mini-neighborhoods that arranged around an interior common area.

Also surrounding this common area are patient treatment and recreation areas that include a dining room, arts and crafts room, all with direct views to an outdoor patient yard. The introduction of outdoor views and natural lighting to these common areas gives both patients and staff a connection to the outdoors and gives the facility a less institutional feel. The project is on track to earn a NC2.2 LEED Gold Rating.

Estimated Cost: $6,000,000 USD


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